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Bollywood-meets-Brooklyn – In Budapest

Posted on 06. May, 2009 by in Just for Fun, News

In addition to their dope filming talents, the creators of Mocha Frapuchino can sometimes be found lurking in the subway stations of Budapest practicing their moves for the final Bollywood-meets-Brooklyn dance scene of the movie.

“What would such a corny movie be without a dance scene at the end?”  asks co-director Hans Peterson.

Co-director Ajang Farid  disagrees that the film will be corny, saying “Dance is an art – this movie is art; the two were made to be together – like coffee and milk in a Mocha Frapuchino.”

Co-director Nadji Hedjazi, strives to maintain the middle ground saying, “The appreciation of cinema and dance are highly subjective and to some extent dependent on ones culture.   In this film we are striving to move past the prejudices of cultural differences and appeal to the universal need people have for both suspense and laughter.” 

Well, with such a variety of opinion, its amazing that they could even agree on a title.  But you’ve got to give it to them, thy do know how to bust a move!

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4 Responses to “Bollywood-meets-Brooklyn – In Budapest”

  1. Nadia Sobhani says:

    Vai, you are hilarious!

  2. Hoda says:

    that’s awesome! am looking forward to the film’s release.

  3. Rouzeh says:

    Super initiative – funny and arty! :)

  4. Joannah says:

    My dentist can break dance!! Hilarious! Cant wait to watch the movie!! :)

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