Cast and Crew Bios – Part 2, The Baddies

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Marwan Dafesh Without the bad guys, the good guys would be nothing.
And its the really bad guys that bring out the best in the good guys.
Marwan Dafesh (Amin Rahimi) is just one of those bad guys.

Twins Yes, Marwan is a psychopath, but he knows beauty when he sees it.
And if one is good, two is better, and Ardiana (Fatemeh Kamalian) and Edona (Atefeh Kamalian) are the best.
But don’t be fooled by their pretty smiles.  Living a life in the shadow of evil
is not conducive to developing inner beauty.

BodyGuard When you have hurt as many people as Marwan, it is often prudent to have a little protection.
And who better to protect you than Zemar (Bahram Manavi), probably the only man Marwan has ever met
who has cause more pain and suffering than himself.

Portraits by Ed Carlile of Carlile Photograpy

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  1. […] you see Director Hans Peterson and cameraman Zoltan Molnár film Marwan Dafesh (Amin Rahimi) and his entourage – Zamar (Bahram Manavi), Ardiana (Fatemeh Kamalian) and Edona (Atefeh […]

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